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Also a lot of upgrades in the future . All of our products have been updated for more than 5 years .

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Gazek v 1.6.0 has arrived!
- Added support ELEMENTOR
- Possibility to add employees for businnes owners.
- Summarized rating of the company as well as separate rating of each employee.
- Contact forms to request the addition of employees .
- Contact forms for claims.
- Verification through the verification center in the new account dashboard .
- Adding promotional links or videos .
- To respond to customer feedback, the owner requires verification (no subscription required )
- Possible notify owners of the company’s recall by mail to motivate them to respond.
- Added Google snippets for reviews for boost your visibility in search . - Added classic stars

With Gazek, you can easily build an affiliate reviews website or a business reviews platform with its sleek and contemporary design. Its feedback system allows users to rate and review anything, making it a versatile theme for various industries. Whether you want to create a site similar to Trustpilot or Trustmary, Gazek has got you covered with its modern and stylish features.

Our feedback system allows users to leave reviews and ratings for affiliate businesses, giving them the opportunity to review anything from products to services. Easy sign up to access your user account and start sharing your thoughts on the companies and places that matter to you.

Possibility to add employees for company and rate him . You also have the option to designate a specific agent or employee. The overall rating will be consolidated, allowing the company to identify its top-performing employees.

A verification system has been developed to allow business owners to assert their rights on their business page and respond to users. This will display the page as an official. Upload the supporting documents of your business and then become the owner of the page, only owner of the page can respond to comments and reviews. If another individual has already designed a page for testimonials, you have the option to inform the company about it by utilizing a hyperlink contained within author review to motivate companies to sign up and partner with you .

You can motivate users to interact with your site and reward. For example, a Reward for visiting the site every day or writing comments. Easy to gamify your WordPress website in just a few minutes, letting you award your users with digital rewards for interacting with your site.

Also a lot of upgrades in the future . All of our products have been updated for more than 5 years . If you need additional features you can write to us to add them to the wish TO DO LIST or hire our team for this work . We guarantee that you get 100% as a demo or refund your money.

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